deodorante Saimara

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Saimara was founded on a simple, yet innovative idea:

Love your body while respecting the environment.

It’s about a simple, natural way of life and choosing products that speak to these values.

Our deodorants offer long-lasting protection without the use of harsh ingredients like aluminum, alcohol, or parabens. The base ingredients for our deodorants are sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and aloe vera. How much more natural can you get?!

Some of the benefits of Saimara include:

    • All-natural ingredients: baking soda, aloe vera, and glycerin
    • Organic certified by AIAB Italia
    • No animal testing: certified VeganOK product
    • Long lasting protection
    • Is not an antiperspirant: does not impact the natural perspiration process
    • Invisible formula: does not stain clothes
    • Unique formula: first ever baking soda-based roll-on in the market
    • Prevents odor naturally, does not just mask it
    • Available in five natural scents your customers will love

Wouldn’t you like to offer these benefits to your customers too? If your online business or shop focuses on organics and organic personal care products, we are ready to help.

Why you need Saimara
Saimara is the perfect addition to your already great lineup of natural personal care products as it will help you build trust and loyalty among your clientele. If your customers are anything like ours, they will appreciate Saimara’s cruelty-free approach, our gentle ingredients, and our commitment to making lives better.

We are always looking for new retail partners to work with – with an emphasis on partnership. In short, this means we are looking to work with other businesses who think as we do, as well as shops that share our values and an abiding hope for a better world ahead.

We love stores who specialize in organic, natural, and cruelty-free products. We seek to collaborate with eCommerce outlets and health food stores that place a high value on the stewardship of natural resources, and other retailers and parapharmacies that feel they have an overarching responsibility to deliver ethically-produced products to the public.

Though we offer this opportunity to all interested parties, we evaluate each applicant individually to ensure that our partnership is in everybody’s best interest.

Are you a distributor of natural products?
If you are a distributor of natural products to a network of stores, we would love to talk. In addition to retail stores and online natural health outlets, we welcome inquiries from distributors and wholesalers of cosmetics, perfume, personal care shops, pharmacies, and parapharmacies.

If your company focuses on natural products, and if you are looking for high-quality items to add to your portfolio, let’s talk! Reach out to us directly to learn more or to find out about current offers and opportunities