deodorante Saimara

Saimara - Respect for your skin, respect for you
The first deodorants with baking soda in a roll-on format

    • Are you tired of using a deodorant that stains your clothes?
    • Are you tired of a deodorant that masks odours rather than prevents them?
    • Do you worry about deodorants that prevent the perspiration process? (We sweat for a reason!)

We created Saimara for you!

When we formulated Saimara, we had a clear purpose: to come on the market with a unique, original, organic, healthy, practical, but pleasantly fragrant product – that works! All day.

A product that would be easy-to-apply – in an easy roll-on stick – that dries quickly and leaves a subtle, pleasant aroma behind.

No harsh chemicals!

We developed Saimara from natural ingredients rather than chemicals – so you and your loved ones are not exposed to nasty ingredients such as parabens, aluminum, alcohol, triclosan or phthalates.

Nickel is a ubiquitous trace element.  The unique Saimara formula has been tested to ensure that excessive amounts of nickel are not present.

What’s in Saimara deodorants?

Saimara deodorants contain sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), aloe vera and skin-nourishing glycerine.

This combination of ingredients allows the skin to breathe, and also to sweat.

To sweat?” you cry.

Yes! Perspiration is a natural bodily function that serves several purposes. First, it helps regulate our body temperature. If we’re unable to sweat, during a workout for example, we overheat, which is bad for our health.

Saimara deodorants are the very first roll-on deodorants created with baking soda. Our unique formula is non-greasy and non-sticky.

Did you know that our sweat actually has no odor? It’s when the bacteria on our skin interacts with the sweat that that unpleasant “sweat smell” arises. Baking soda neutralizes that smell and, in addition, lets your skin breathe naturally.

You’ll feel the difference, you’ll smell the difference, you’ll love the difference!

Benefits of Saimara deodorants

Stained clothes are a thing of the past

The use of practically any natural deodorant results in the appearance of unpleasant yellow and white stains on textiles that ruins the clothes, especially white t-shirts. That’s because an active ingredient in those deodorants are oils or butters – which Saimara does not use.

Odor-free in winter, spring, summer and fall

Saimara is effective on summer days, while you’re at work interacting with colleagues and customers, working hard at the gym, or enjoying a romantic evening out.

Organic, vegan and cruelty-free

We can’t emphasize this enough. We formulated Saimara deliberately to be free of dangerous and potentially dangerous chemicals such as aluminum, parabens, triclosan, propylene glycol, phthalates, and alcohol.

Our all-natural formulas are certified organic by AIAB Italy, and vegan and cruelty-free. Our deodorants are also tested for nickel.

Suitable for men and women

Saimara deodorant comes in five pleasant scents, suitable for both men and women. 

A little history of our company and our creation of Samaira

Our company has been an importer and distributor of organic cosmetics for almost 10 years.

For years, while we imported the products of other companies, and listened to feedback from clients around the world, we thought about developing a much-needed deodorant - one that wouldn’t stain clothes, didn’t contain harmful chemicals, and would be easy to use.

It was an ambitious idea that came with many challenges, but this did not scare us. Experience and passion were on our side, and the thought that we could create something wonderful for our trusting clients was our inspiration.

We conducted many tests, searching for the perfect formula, and we did not give up until we reached the desired result – a healthy, beautiful deodorant that works, and that can be used also by vegans, those who are concerned about cruelty to animals, and those who are concerned about the environment.

We are proud to say we’ve achieved our goal, and we are now ready to offer Saimara to everyone.

Envisioned in Romania, lovingly crafted in Italy, and available to the world.

Baking soda roll-on deodorants